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This last week has been really hard for so many. It's been loss upon loss, and grief upon grief when we've seen some of the worst of what humanity has to offer - and the news just keeps coming in. We have seen and felt the anger, the absolute rage that arises. All this at a time when we are already grappling with difficult feelings of uncertainty and hopelessness due to the pandemic. Moreover, everything is happening on many levels from the personal, to the civic, to the global. 
I know that something must be done about the injustice I see in the world. I know better and therefore I must strive to do better. But what does that look like in my life? I believe that the trajectory of the fight for human rights is longer than my lifespan but still, what must I do? I don't have all the answers right now but I do know that action is required. How do I make meaningful changes? 
I am not going to drink alcohol this week and attend to the feelings that come up (just ignore all those …

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